ErrorKiller 2.8

ErrorKiller 2.8 fixes the errors in the Windows Registry and Kernel32 DLL
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ErrorKiller 2.8 is a program to fix the errors in the Windows Registry and Kernel32 DLL.
ErrorKiller´s FREE Scan will identify errors related to missing startup programs, missing system fonts, invalid shortcuts, missing dll files, invalid application paths, invalid device drivers, missing file associations and missing help files.

In the first screen, you will be able to choose to perform an instant scan, or set the configuration of the Backup Controls or the Advanced Options of the BHO Manager, Startup Program Manager, Add/Remove Programs Manager and Full Registry Backup Utility.

You will be able to choose which section you want to Scan.

In the Options tab you can choose whether you want or not to perform a scan when loading the application, and when you want to check for updates.

If you press the "Scan Now" button, ErrorKiller will begin to scan your system.

After a moment, the program will show you the results of the scan. In the trial version, it will repair only a few problems, You need to register if you want a full repair.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It seems to be a program that scans your registry in deep


  • Since it only repairs a few problems, it´s impossible to say if it works if you judge by the trial version
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